Comox Valley Team Squash


  • The league will consist of 9 teams.
  • Each team will have 6 players ranked from 1 to 6.


  • A regular season team match will consist of 6 individual matches.
  • Each individual match will be determined by the best 3 of 5 games.
  • The game scoring system will be point-a-rally (PAR) to 11 for Level 1 and 2 and PAR 15 for Levels 3 to 6. You must win by 2 points.
  • Teams are awarded one point for each individual game won during a team match.
  • The team winning the most individual games will be awarded 3 additional team points.
  • All matches must be played on league night. If a player is unavailable on that night, they, or their team captain must arrange a spare or default the match.
  • Players who “no-show” will face a possible league suspension. (A no-show is when no attempt is made to get a spare nor to inform the opponent ahead of time of a player not being available). A no-show will be considered a default match and be recorded as a 0-3 loss. The no-show’s team will also be penalized 3 points for that team match.


  • Play will be on Wednesday evenings, beginning Wednesday, October 3rd and finishing on ? There will be no play on Dec. 26th or January 2nd.
  • Each Wednesday there will be two playing blocks – one at 5:30 and one at 7:30. 4 teams will play during each block. A rotational order of play by level will be provided each week, but Team Captains can alter the order, by agreement, to accommodate the individual schedules of players.
  • There will be one Bye team each week. Bye team players may be used as spares for other teams.</li


  • At the end of the season there will be playoffs to determine the season champion.
  • These will be a double knock out format.
  • Spares are allowed in the playoffs, however, they must be ranked lower than the one being replaced.


  • All players are expected to referee matches. Newer referees are encouraged to assist experienced referees until they feel prepared to referee a match alone.


  • A player may “challenge up” against a teammate with the next highest ranking in an effort to swap rankings.
  • A challenge must not be declared in the first two weeks of the season.
  • Once the challenger declares the challenge, a match must be scheduled within the following two weeks.
    One match will determine the winner, and league scoring rules will be employed.
  • A re-challenge may not be requested for two weeks following the match.
  • At end of the squash season the lowest 2 ranking and the top 2 ranking players at each level play each other in a round robin to determine ranking for the following season. Regular season rules will apply, with the new ranking determined by match wins then games won.


  • Players and spares must be registered members of the Comox Valley squash club.
  • The cost of the league will be $ for regular players. The cost to play as a spare is $35.
  • Scheduled players are expected to be ready to play at the start time (5:30 or 7:30). If you are going to be late you must inform your opponent and captain.


  • Each team will appoint responsible representatives as captain and assistant captain and ensure at least one is present for each team match.
  • Each team will choose a team name (and if they like a color, and/or mascot, and/or team shirts)
  • Captains will be responsible to find a referee for the first matches of the night, after which the winner of the previous match will referee.
  • The captain of the winning team is responsible for submitting completed scores weekly (including team name, players names including ‘spare’ designations, and scores) to the League Coordinators.
  • A captain with a player unable to play has the option of calling a spare of equal or lower ranking from the Bye team or the spares list or default the match as a 0-3 loss.
  • Team captains must notify the stats keeper of a change in player ranking.


  • Snacks and beverages will be available during each playing block.
  • Responsibility for providing refreshments will rotate among teams.
  • Players are strongly encouraged to remain for the entire playing block to cheer on teammates, help referee and socialize.

Player Insurance Waiver Form